Useful tips for cooking

Useful tips for cooking

For those who love cooking, some simple tips below will hopefully help girls cook better.

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Useful tips for cooking

Useful tips for cooking

Useful Cooking Tips – 1

Useful tips for cooking

Useful tips for cooking

Put sticky rice with sticky rice to color:

After soaking the rice with the milled sticky rice leaves, take a sticky rice leaf juice mixed with the rice, stir quickly on the pan and then switch to a steam tray, the rice will be more beautiful color and aroma

Reduce black plastic when processing green bananas:

After stripping the shell, soak it in a pot of salt water mixed with vinegar and then transfer to a pot of boiling water for about 1 minute.

Soaking the chicken feet with kumquat is not bitter:

Don’t cut the lime leaves too early and remove the kumquats.


Useful Cooking Tips – 2

When stocking fish to avoid bottom burns

Should lay a layer of ginger leaves on the bottom of the pot, the fish is both delicious and not worrying about burning

Keep fruit fresher longer in the refrigerator:

Put the fruit in a plastic bag with a handful of washed green tea leaves

Store garlic, lemon and chili onions for a long time without refrigeration:

Bury in a small bowl of sand.


Useful Cooking Tips – 3

Salt pickles want fast yellow beautiful:

Use boiled water to water melon evenly, hot weather only 1 day is beautiful golden melon

Cook broth with clear water:

Soak the ribs a few times and then soak them in salt water for about 20 minutes before cooking. Simmer, open the pot.

Deodorize pig ears and chicken feet:

When boiling, add a little white wine, salt and ginger to the broth


Useful Cooking Tips – 4

Frying fish to avoid fat splashes:

Add a little cornstarch and water to the frying fish

Make your own chili sauce not too spicy:

Add more pureed tomatoes with chili and garlic.

Sweet corn does not need to be boiled without sugar:

When boiling, sugarcane-lined corn is at the bottom of the pot with sticky leaves.

Fry the meat without burning and still cook inside:

Boil the meat for about 15 minutes before frying.


Useful Cooking Tips – 5

To make the dishes more delicious:

Always use the water of a coconut to boil with spices and then pour it into your food pot

Liver pate is not fishy:

Non-aromatic garlic onion and bread when mixed with meat and liver.

Cook fish soup to smell fragrant:

Boil the water and spices then add the fish to the high heat to make the fish boil again quickly.

Want fast-ripening green fruits:

Place next to a ripe pepper-banana.

Check the salinity – lightness of the warehouse items:

Strong water is a medium dish, while water is both a bland dish.

Let the snail release the mud quickly:

Soak the snail in a metal water bath instead of a plastic one.

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