Troubleshooting electric fan problems easily

Troubleshooting electric fan problems easily

Electric fan is an indispensable item in the daily life of many modern families. However, if using them for a long time, the failure occurs is inevitable. So this article is to show you simple solutions when your electric fan has a problem.

The fan is not running even when the power is turned on

Troubleshooting electric fan problems easily

Troubleshooting electric fan problems easily

The fan is still operating normally until one day you press the power continuously, but the fan still does not notice anything. The cause may be due to an improper power supply, an overloaded motor or a damaged control valve. Before taking to the repair center, check to see if the fuse power, and the fan control valve is properly opened and closed. You should also check the voltage to see if it is appropriate. If you cannot handle those basic defects, you should bring the electric fan to repair.

The buttons or speed control switches fail

Fan used for a long time often buttons or switches are bottled, damaged that you press or rotate the work is not useful. The reason is that there is a lot of friction during use, making the contact metal part worn out, or rusted and dirty for a long time, making it difficult to contact. To deal with this situation, spray the keys and buttons with the WD40 lubricant tank to clean copper rust and dirt, then press the buttons repeatedly until they activate. move normally. As for the case where the metal contacts are worn out, the only solution is to replace the buttons.

The directional kinetic energy is broken

The turning turbocharger is usually made of plastic, so when used for a long time and using too much force, it is easy to slip or break. To deal with this, you need to lubricate the internal gears and then buy a new solar energy plastic cover. If they still do not lose, then they must replace the potency.

Propeller is dropped

The impeller is mounted on the fan motor by a helical shaft. So if you use the fan for a long time, the friction when the rotor works can cause the shaft to wear out so it cannot keep the fan blades, at some point the force of rotation is too great and the blade falls off the shaft. You can only replace the spindle for the problem to be solved. However, please bring the fan to the service center. Professional repair, don’t roll up your sleeves.

Fan noise is too loud

The fan makes too much noise, usually due to the friction between the spindle and the brass of the machine. So you just need to remove the engine and lubricate the bearings.

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