Foot sweat

For those who often suffer from sweaty feet, wearing shoes is really “extreme”, creating both uncomfortable feelings and easily causing fungal infections. Especially on rainy days, carrying shoes like sneaker is really a nightmare. To get around this, you can use a hairdryer to blow the inside of the shoes for a while before putting them on. This method not only helps the shoes reduce moisture, but also has a fairly effective bactericidal effect. Please try it!




Basically, hiccups are not a dangerous disease, but they will make your body feel uncomfortable because of the constant hiccups and not knowing when to stop. Usually the hiccups go away on their own, you don’t need any treatment, but if you want it to go away immediately, you can try using a dryer. Use a blow dryer to blow warmth on your stomach area, after about ten minutes, the hiccups will gradually subside and disappear.

Muscle strains and cramps

Muscle states and cramps are also very frequent on the human body. There are many possible reasons for this, perhaps because you did not warm up properly or did not have enough before intense exercise. To relieve pain caused by muscle tension and cramps, use a blow dryer to blow the affected area. After about more than 10 minutes, the pain will subside and you will feel your muscles much more relaxed and comfortable.

Neck pain

When you sleep in the wrong position, you are more likely to experience an uncomfortable neck pain, making you feel like you cannot move in this part. If that’s the case, find a dryer right away and dry it in your neck area. The heat of the dryer will act as “massage” the neck area to help you, you will feel the pain eased and your body will also be much more comfortable.

Stuffy nose

In the current morning, sunny, and rainy weather, we are very susceptible to a cold. Although this is not a dangerous disease, it makes your daily life a bit disturbing, making the tired body unable to function as usual. So you have to “prime” for yourself an effective solution to eliminate this stuffy nose. And a dryer will help! Every time your nose is stuffy, place a hair dryer about 10cm away from your nose and blow warm air around your nose about 5 to 8 minutes to increase and maintain blood circulation and decongestants.

Flatulence, bloating, and indigestion

If you eat too full or have a poor digestive system, you will most likely experience bloating, bloating and indigestion. When you encounter this situation, you can take your familiar hairdryer and blow warm air into the navel area in a circular motion, after 3-5 minutes, you will notice an unexpected effect.

Muscle pain after a cold

If you missed the rain and had a cold, the muscle area will probably be sore and sore a lot. To minimize this, use a hair dryer to blow along the sore areas until the local skin heats up, then the erythema appears. If you do it continuously 1-2 times / day, this situation will be significantly improved.

Using a hairdryer to cure illnesses is an excessive “miracle” method, right? But the warm air from the dryer is really a “treasure” to help you quickly improve a few symptoms that make your body uncomfortable. However, when using a hairdryer for these things, you should not set the heat level too high, as this will damage your skin area, possibly even causing burns. Please be careful!

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