The secret to wearing high heels is as confident as a model

Have you ever watched a fashion show, and saw supermodels with impressive height wearing soaring shoes, that makes you really jealous. You also want to learn, but wearing high heels is a pain.

Walking distance
Walking distance is most important when you walk on any shoe, especially high heels. When wearing high heels, be careful to walk gently and the distance between the steps should be short, not too long. Taking short steps helps you to be stable and at the same time prevents leg pain from frequent high heels. Small but steady and slow steps help you adjust your walking posture easily, while also creating a feminine and flexible image for people around.

How to set feet when wearing high heels
When wearing high heels, many people still complain about it, it’s too painful to wear and move. At first I thought it was because of the high shoes. But really, it’s not like that, after I was instructed by my sister, I knew it was the way I walked, I walked. The reason for your pain is due to the design of the heel is higher than the toe of the shoe, so when you wear your toes, you will bend down, all of your body weight will be on your toes and if you walk or stand for a long time, there is a stagnation of blood. This can cause swelling in the tips of the toes. Therefore, the way to wear high heels without pain is to put the heel down first to reduce weight on the toes, limit foot pain. And remember the order in which the parts will touch the ground are heels – cast iron feet – feet – toes.

Posture when wearing high heels
One-legged exercise helps to maintain balance when wearing high heels
Knees are slightly bent, should not be stiff.
When wearing high heels, you should also pay attention to your posture when moving. When moving with high heels, you should not lean forward but keep your back straight, your belly is a bit sucked, your hands let go naturally and comfortably. The head is kept in line with the spine while the chin is parallel to the ground. The knee should not be stiff, but flexible and slightly bent down to have the most natural and confident gait!

How to choose and get used to high heels
Knees are slightly bent, should not be stiff.
One-legged exercise helps to maintain balance when wearing high heels
After you have firmly walked, you need to pay close attention when choosing to buy shoes. When choosing to buy shoes, choose those that fit your feet and are not too high, because that will help you feel confident and walk steadier. Do not forget to refer to new shoe models at fashion shows broadcast on TV to catch fashion trends. A little tip for you to get used to wearing heels is to practice standing with one foot on high heels, not only will you gain more balance, but also reduce foot pain when wearing high heels too! However, this is a bit risky, you may fall while practicing.
In addition to factors such as: Short footsteps, attention when placing feet, walking posture and choosing shoes. In order to walk well on high heels, you also need to pay attention to positioning a straight path and your right eye should be forward while walking on your right back straight. very similar to the model, guys). In addition, if you have just bought a new pair of shoes, you have to … practice walking first and, now throw away the thought that it will be old when you go and think of, if you do not practice, you will fall. face over.

Someone said that every girl you should choose for herself the most suitable and beautiful shoes because it will bring them to happiness. Be a confident girl and always keep your feet!

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