Skin care mistakes that surely you have made at least 1 thing

The Girls’ Association has dozens of beauty secrets for themselves, but not everyone knows whether that beauty method really brings many effects or not. Sometimes, overuse of an overuse of beauty can inadvertently lead to undesirable consequences. If you still keep mistakes after taking care of your skin, you should correct it now to better protect your skin!

Do not apply sunscreen when it is cool
This is one of the completely wrong thoughts of the girls’ association because even in shady weather, UV rays still exist in the sun and cause significant damage to your skin. For that reason, dermatologists often recommend applying sunscreen every day, even in winter because it is also classified as one of the essential skincare routines.

Skin care mistakes that surely you have made at least 1 thing

Only use anti-aging products as you age
Why don’t you think about skin care from a young age, but only wait until the signs of age appear to start thinking about skin care? This is clearly a thought that you need to fix right away.
Determine what your skin type is, find the right skincare products and use it after your 20s to slow down the aging process that takes place in the years to come.

Do not condition skin on neck and eyes
Did you know that age wrinkles are most visible in the neck and corner of your eyes. Therefore, if you do not pay attention, you will look old sooner than your real age. In particular, the skin around the eyes and neck is also very sensitive, so it needs more careful care. Look for skin care products for your neck and eyes, not just depending on the cream to apply your face.

Use as many skin care products as possible
Using more than one product on your face at the same time can make your skin more squashed and prone to blemishes. Therefore, instead of following a sophisticated skin care cycle, you should only take 2-3 steps with basic products, suitable for your skin type.

Oily skin does not need to be moisturized
Girls with oily, oily skin often think that they don’t need to moisturize their skin. However, oily skin does not mean excess water, especially during winter. Due to that time, oily skin can also become dry and need extra moisturization.
The best way to care for oily skin is to choose an oil-alkaline moisturizer, combined with cleansing and cleansing every night to rebalance moisture and regulate the amount of oily skin on the skin.

Skin care mistakes that surely you have made at least 1 thing

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