Simple exercises for the standard shape like a dream


To have a beautiful body, practice effort is an indispensable factor. Even those who have a “rich” body, it is very important to maintain that standard body with daily exercises.
A toned waist, full circle 3 or a well-fitted circle always makes women more confident every day. With simple movements but will help you quickly get what you expect. However, exercise must always be combined with the right nutrition, so you should not forget your refrigerator, this is the 2nd secret place after these energy-intensive exercises. Also, remember to throw away all junk food that is harmful to your weight.

Tapered and toned waist
If you do not have a slim waistline or want your current waist to be firmer, do the following two moves. Note that, if practiced regularly, these movements also help prevent your waist from sagging after giving birth.

Exercise 1: Jump rope or run in place for 15 minutes a day.

Step 2: Lie on your back, legs stretched, held up to form a right angle to your body, then slowly down, practice gradually until you reach from 25-30 times.

Slim waistline will quickly belong to you
Slim waistline will quickly belong to you
Just two movements above are enough to make your belly meat firm, your waist is slimmer. After three months of birth, you should also practice as above, your belly will be smaller as before.

Round 3 is round
And having a sexy round 3 is really not too difficult
And having a sexy round 3 is really not too difficult
Owning a round 3 stretch to wear attractive body clothes is the dream of many women, if anyone has not had the expected measurements, apply the following moves.

Step 1: Stand up straight, legs together, hands on hips, sit down and stand up. At first, you will feel a bit dizzy and unbalanced, after getting used to it, you increase the number of exercises as much as possible, from 25-30 times to reach. This movement helps round 3 to expand evenly, thighs are slim, beautiful and attractive.

Step 2: Stand like the first one, this leg kicks forwards, then pushes back strongly, standing upright. Then switch to the other leg. You do 25-30 reps for each leg. This move helps the third round to expand and grow tall.

Long legs like a model
According to the advice of the French esthetician, Dr. Lithout instructed, to increase the length of the legs, you need to practice two movements after each day to bring the desired results.

Improving leg length is improving overall body shape
Improving leg length is improving overall body shape
Step 1: Stand up straight, hands on hips, right and left legs turn right out as far as possible to draw a circle. This movement helps to relax joints in the legs, you should practice on each side from 25-30 times.

Step 2: Arms crossed in front of chest, stand up straight, tiptoe as much as possible for tall people, then sit down again. Work slowly until you reach 25-30 reps.

Sexy round 1
The attraction in the first woman is probably round 1
The attraction in the first woman is probably round 1
Whether the body is beautiful or not, the first round also becomes an indispensable factor. Meanwhile, the majority of women do not have the desired measurements and expect to be improved. If you are one of them, do the following two.

Step 1: Hold 1 object weighing 3 – 5kg with both hands in front of chest, raise to the top of the head, then lower in front of chest. Practice incrementally 25-30 times like that.

Step 2: Hold two 500ml bottles of water in your hands, hold your hands straight across your chest, spread out your hips, remember that your hands are always straight, then bring it back to your chest. You practice increasing gradually to 20 times then stop.

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