Instructions on how to clean the kitchen


Step 1: Clean the gas stove
After a period of use, the gas stove will be stained by grease stains, food crumbs … making cooking and processing food on the stove unsafe. First, remove any food particles left on the stove, then use a soft cloth to soak in the soap solution and wipe 2 to 3 times to make the stove shiny, free of grease.

Step 2: Clean the oven
An oven with long-lasting burns both shortens the oven’s life and makes you feel uncomfortable when using it to bake food. Therefore, oven cleaning is important and essential. Use a clean towel to soak in the baking soda mixture to wipe away stains, this mixture will help remove burning burns quickly and easily.

Step 3: Clean up the refrigerator
Temporarily, please unplug the power cord first for safety and avoid wasting electricity while cleaning. Then take out all the food in the refrigerator, use a soft cloth to wipe the trays, the food compartment, the outside of the refrigerator. Next, sort the foods, discard the foods that have not been used for a long time, then rearrange them neatly and in the right place.

Instructions on how to clean the kitchen

Step 4: Clean the kitchen cabinet
Use a clean towel to absorb water, wipe the inside of the pantry to remove dirt, grease, or food that has adhered to it. Tidily arrange food in each compartment, discard products that have been unpacked for a long time.

Step 5: Clean the sink
Fountains and sinks are always flushed, but not completely clean. Use a towel to soak in soap or detergent and wipe several times on the faucets and basins, this will help kill bacteria that cannot be cleaned by water.

Instructions on how to clean the kitchen

Step 6: Cleaning other household products
Blender, juicer, super-speed kettle, etc. also need to be cleaned after a period of use. Cleaning these products is very simple, just rinse with soap solution first, then rinse with warm water and they are clean and shiny like new.

Step 7: Clean up the kitchen
After you have completed the above cleaning steps, you just need to sweep the floor again, collect the trash to dump, then wipe with scented water to wipe the floor, then the kitchen cleaning job is done.
A clean, tidy kitchen will inspire you to create delicious and attractive dishes, bringing warm and happy meals to your family.

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