1. Remove mold from clothes with gasoline

Just like food, if you store and keep clothes incorrectly, they will produce mold that can harm the body. The main cause of this problem may be because you dry clothes that are not fully dried but placed in the closet, or maybe because the washing machine has not been cleaned periodically, using overdose when washing by hands or using Washing machines are also one of the most common causes of mold. If this is the case, hang the clothes in a cool, ventilated place and then wipe off the mold with a cotton swab. Aside from the gas cotton, you can also use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to wipe it off! This mixture is extremely effective in “removing” stubborn stains there! You can see more about how to use baking soda to clean clothes here.

2. Remove stains from clothes with vinegar and cow’s milk

When the weather starts to turn cold and rain a lot, clothes that are exposed to the sun will dry for a long time and often suffer from a musty smell. If this is the case, mix a little vinegar, cow’s milk in water and wash the clothes again to minimize the smell of musty.



To remove the yellow stains that have stuck on clothes for a long time, soak clothes with sweat stains in a warm, boiled vinegar for about half an hour and then wash again with soap. You can also use a little cow’s milk to rub the yellow stain on your clothes or bed sheets, leave it in the light for 2 hours, then wash as usual will run out of gold. This is also a very effective way to bleach yellow shirt with yellow stains, you just try to follow it!

3. Remove the stain from clothes with ginger

Ginger is both a tuber with many health benefits, but also a mild “cleanser”, but it has an impressive effect. When you find stains or stains on clothes and especially white shirts, you need to perform the stain removal as quickly as possible. You can add a little freshly ground ginger and apply evenly to the stain. Then you add some water to the jar. Continue washing with soap, clothes will be clean again. Take a note of how to wash this simple yellow-stained white shirt!

4.Remove yellow stains from clothes with toothpaste

If you want to find a simple, easy-to-do and non-damaging way to get your clothes bleached white, toothpaste is a pretty good option! Toothpaste is similar to baking soda, has an effective whitening agent and is extremely safe for your skin and clothes.

How to perform stain removal with toothpaste is not too difficult. Use a little toothpaste and smooth it over your neck and sleeve, then wait for 10-15 minutes. Scrub the stain gently with a soft brush for a few minutes and then wash again with soap. Finally rinse the water as usual.

5) Remove yellow stains from clothes with rice or soybean water

Rice water is also one of the substances that can remove yellow stains on clothes. You can use the water to wash the rice or soybean juice to wash the yellowed clothes, you will see it has a very effective bleaching effect! Soybeans and rice broth are both benign, do not have any chemicals to harm your clothes or your skin.

Besides, squash juice is also an extremely impressive material capable of staining clothes. You see, just cleverly taking advantage of the familiar foods around you, we have mild, safe and effective cleaning compounds right away. However, for stains or stains that are long or too much, you need to consider using stronger, acidic compounds like vinegar, baking soda or lemon.

6) Remove ballpoint pen stains with 90 degree alcohol

The students, when going to school will be very obsessed with the situation of ink and pens being splashed on clothes. There are many people who have to completely discard the beautiful white shirt just bought because it has been stained with ink. If you encounter such a situation, stay calm and use 90 degree alcohol to proceed with ink stain removal! If your clothes are plain fabric, you can use 90 degree alcohol to bleach. But if it’s artificial silk, use hydrogen peroxide that is available at drugstores to bleach.

7. Remove the stain with white vinegar and salt

White vinegar is a natural bleach that won’t corrode or harm your clothes or skin. Both vinegar and salt are effective antiseptics and emollients. So when these 2 ingredients combine together, you will get a remarkable mixture of yellow stain remover on white shirt. White vinegar is also commonly used to clean kitchen household items such as functional cookers, fryers or refrigerators. Besides, the washing machine’s antiseptic effect of white vinegar is also very effective!

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