Although air conditioning is very familiar to our daily life, most users are still vague in periodic cleaning of air-conditioners. How can I perform proper cleaning to make the refrigerator more efficient and durable?



1. Benefits of cleaning the air conditioner regularly

Besides the benefits of helping the cold air escape clean, fresh, ensuring safety for the health of users, regular cleaning of the air-conditioner also brings many other benefits.

Increase the life of the air conditioner

During use, the air conditioner will be quite dirty. This dirt layer will affect the cooling capacity of the machine, as well as the durability of internal components. Regular and regular maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner helps the air conditioner to operate stably as well as limit damage inside components, ensuring the longevity and durability of the air conditioner, helping you There are significant savings in air conditioning repairs.

Save power consumption

Air conditioning is one of the factors that make your home electricity bill skyrocket, even with today’s electricity-saving models. If after a long period of use, but you do not clean and maintain periodically, the air conditioner is prone to dust, causing the cooling capacity and working capacity of the machine to decrease, thereby making the machine have to Operate more and consume more power to reach the temperature you set.

You can see how to calculate the power consumption for electrical appliances in the home here to be able to calculate a separate electricity bill for the air conditioner within 1 month.

Therefore, periodic cleaning of the air conditioner is also an effective method to help save energy for users.

Ensure safety for the health of users

In addition to the ability to cool the air, most of today’s air-conditioners are equipped with air filtering and cleaning features, similar to the air purifiers on the market, to eliminate the effects. Causes of respiratory diseases circulating in the air such as bacteria, mold, .. Air conditioning is similar to a “lung” to help users breathe a fresh, healthy atmosphere. Therefore, if you do not clean the air conditioner regularly and properly, the “lungs” will be contaminated, becoming the ideal place for pathogens to live and spread, adversely affecting health. especially children and the elderly.

2. How often should the air conditioner be cleaned?

The most appropriate time to clean the air conditioner periodically is every 5 – 6 months, however, depending on the region and environmental conditions where you live, this frequency may vary, such as In a dusty place, you can clean it every 3 – 4 months.

Besides, you can monitor abnormal signs from the air conditioner to promptly clean and maintain.

The air conditioner gives off an unpleasant odor

After a period of use, if you feel the air from the air conditioner smells unpleasant, it is a sign that it’s time to clean the air conditioner! The main reason for this condition is that the machine is too dirty and may have mold stuck inside the filter, affecting the health of the user.

The air conditioner is slightly weak, not cool enough

If you find that the machine is running weak, or does not reach the set coolness even though it has been turned on for a long time, it is likely that the filter of the machine has been thickened with dust, preventing the air from flowing. through to create cool air.

The air conditioner is runny or snowy

There are two common reasons for air-conditioning running out of water, which is when the water pipe was installed not making a certain slope for water to drain, or it is possible that the water pipe was too dirty, leading to congestion. tube. When repairing a watery air conditioner, you should be especially careful and careful because it is easy to cause unsafe electric shock and damage the machine, better contact a Service Center or professional repair service to settle it!

Also, if your indoor unit gets snowy when opening the inspection machine’s mask, it may be because the indoor unit has been dusty for too long and cannot be cleaned, affecting the cooling capacity of the machine.

The air conditioner is running out of water, the released air has an odor, … are signs that it is necessary to clean the air conditioner

3. The simplest and safest way to clean the air-conditioner at home

You can ask the units that provide cleaning services at home to help you handle, but at the same time, if you want to save more money, you can check and clean the air conditioner by yourself. as expected, following the guidance of Nguyen Kim in this article.

Step 1: Carefully check both the indoor and outdoor units before cleaning

Step 2: Clean the strainer

Step 3: Clean the fan blade and the storage compartment

Step 4: Reinstall the dust filter to its original position

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