Rice cookers need to be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria growth and increase product life. Please remove the bag immediately and clean the electric rice cooker tips immediately to apply when necessary.

Clean when the electronic rice cooker cools down

When you have finished using the electronic rice cooker, you need to unplug the power cord, let the pot cool for 30-60 minutes before cleaning. You need to see the information on the package, the manual or the manufacturer’s website to know how long it takes to cool depending on the type of pot. If you clean the pot while it is still hot or the power cord is plugged in, it will easily cause an accident.

You need to let the electronic rice cooker cool down to clean it.

Avoid scratching the rice cooker

To avoid scratches, use a soft, water-absorbent rag to clean the rice seeds thoroughly. When the rice is stuck in the dry hard pot, soak the pot in water for about 1 hour, then use a gentle towel to remove the excess rice, avoid scratching or peeling the pot, reducing product durability or causing unsafe when using.

Be careful not to scratch the electronic rice cooker.

Wash the pot, lid normally
Use some hot water, dish soap, soft cloth, and gently scrub the pot and the lid in a circular motion. When you encounter stubborn stains, you can use a dishwashing sponge. When cleaning is complete, you should let the parts of the pot dry to avoid mold, or product rust.

Gently wash the heart and lid of the electronic rice cooker.

Thoroughly clean the rice cooker after each use
You should pay attention to this, do not just wipe the sticky rice seeds and when you see the clean rice cooker, stop because it creates a great environment for mold to grow.

Thoroughly clean the electronic rice cooker every time you use it.

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