Causes of hair damage and care


Dry, frizzy, split ends are always an obsession for girls because it not only damages your hair, but also sometimes affects your appearance. So what is the cause of hair damage and how to take care of it?

1. Damage to the hair
If your hair has the following symptoms, be careful because your hair is damaged and needs immediate care.
Rough: When we thread our fingers and stroke our hair from root to tip, instead of feeling soft, we feel rough.
Dry, frizz: Dull, curl, and easily brittle hair are all symptoms of dry, frizzy hair.
Split ends: If your hair falls off easily when using a comb, it may be due to split ends. Sometimes you can grab the ends of your hair and observe, if you see white dots on the ends of your hair, your hair is starting to split ends.
Frizzy: When hair is damaged, in addition to dullness, hair is also very easily tangled.
Hair for loss of elasticity: Test by gently stretching the hair. Damaged hair can break while pulling it, stretch it, not shrink, or shrink a little.

2. The reasons
Lack of moisture
Hair, when supplied with adequate moisture, will become healthy, smoother. Therefore, when hair lacks moisture will lead to loss of shine, roughness and dryness.
Unsuitable hair care products
Shampoos, conditioners, conditioners … are products that are frequently used for your hair. But if these products are of poor quality, or contain chemicals that are harmful to the hair, they will inadvertently expose the hair to damage over time.
Weather and surroundings
Weather and environmental factors are also factors that cause damaged hair. Many girls often do not have the habit of sun protection, shielding their hair when going out in the sun or in the rain. Or expose hair to dirty, dusty air environment. It is these actions that have a negative effect on your hair.
Continuous use of styling products
Drying styling, using curling irons or chemical services too often causes hair to dry and weaken quickly. Instead of drying your hair styling every day, you should only use a dryer or styler twice a week.
Using some hair conditioner that protects the hair from heat is important to prevent hair loss.
Using too much chemicals
Anyone who regularly dyes their hair understands that when using chemicals, it is difficult to take care of hair so that it is as strong as natural hair.
The styling of curly hair due to curling or dyeing, pressing due to the use of chemicals, heat … can damage the outer cuticle of the hair. Over time can cause severe hair damage.

3. How to take care
Additional moisture
Adding nutrients to hair is the most effective way to beautify when damaged hair. Try incubating your hair for about 15 minutes with a tempering oil, then rinsing your hair, with a regular frequency once a week, for very positive results.
Add moisture Use conditioner
Practice the habit of using conditioner after shampooing for a perfect and effective daily hair care routine. In addition to making the hair more smooth, conditioner also has the ability to supply and moisturize to help cure dry split ends.
If you use it regularly, you can also prevent dry, frizzy hair in the future.
Wash your hair properly
Shampooing should be done gently in combination with scalp massage to stimulate hair follicles to absorb nutrients. Do not scratch or rub your hair and scalp so hard it can cause pain. After washing your hair, wipe it off and then gently remove it.
Note that after washing, do not dry your hair too dry, it’s best to let your hair dry naturally or use a hair dryer to help protect your hair better.

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