Advice on how to buy a durable washing machine, suitable for your family

Advice on how to buy a durable washing machine, suitable for your family

Today, the washing machine has become an indispensable item of every family by its superior laundry support features. However, if just buying a washing machine is not enough, you need to equip with additional support and good protection. See more of the essential items to aid in the laundry as well as help protect the washing machine in the next article!

Advice on how to buy a durable washing machine, suitable for your family

Advice on how to buy a durable washing machine, suitable for your family

Washing machine racks

When buying a washing machine, the consultant always asks you if the location of your factory is tall and dry? If the place is located in a low-lying area, in the bathroom, you should consider buying a rack for the washing machine.

Because the washing machine itself is quite low, when equipped with a stand, the machine will be placed higher, you will easily clean the area of ​​the machine and the machine body, as well as prevent moisture from the bottom area due to frequent contact with water. .

In addition, when you have a washing machine stand, you will also be more secure about the problem of electric leakage or short circuit due to the rubber feet and plastic pillars to ensure electrical safety for the whole family.

Washcloths and hoods

The washing machine hood is perfect for washing machines in the house or private laundry, it can protect the washing machine from dust on the surface and users can put more items on it.

If the washing machine is located outdoors, on the terrace or where there is often rain water, the washing machine cover design will prevent dirt from sticking to, helping the washing machine to avoid rainwater. or the hot weather to help protect the color as well as the components inside the washing machine body.

At the same time, the washing machine hood will save you time to clean the washing machine as well as not have to worry about fading the paint color of the machine because it is protected.

Laundry bag

Currently on the market laundry bags often have many different types and sizes. You can choose depending on the amount of laundry in your family.

The laundry bag will help you sort your laundry more easily. You need at least 2 bags per wash. The underwear laundry bag and the separate laundry bag are easily torn.

Plastic or aluminum clothes hangers

And make sure the clothes are finished after washing, you need to hang them so that the fabric is flat and the clothes dry faster.

After ironing the shirt or pants, you also need to hold them in order, so having the necessary amount of hooks in the house is very important and helpful. These plastic or aluminum hooks will help you to preserve your clothes and tidy up the closet.

You can hang a towel on the drying platform, but you also need to hook it up to fit it in place. These clothes hanger will be an indispensable assistant for every strenuous washing.

Plastic clothing clip

Usually you will need to have a drying rack with tongs to dry towels, hats and underwear. Of course these clothes pegs are useful in high winds. The item will be clamped tightly to the drying platform and will not fall to the ground or fly away causing you to search.

If your house has an outdoor drying platform or on the terrace, you must buy these clothes clips to make drying and collecting clothes easy, fast and effective.

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