8 different foods should not be eaten with beef

Beef is a delicious, nutritious and very popular dish. However, combining beef with inappropriate foods not only reduces the nutrients in it, but also harms your health.

1. Black beans
Beef is rich in iron, good for blood. But black beans have large, coarse fiber that will prevent your body from absorbing the iron found in beef. Therefore, experts recommend that you should only eat these two foods at least 4 hours apart so that they cannot “limit” the use of each other.
2. Soybeans
Soybeans contain a lot of purines that cause the accumulation of uric acid in the body, leading to gout. Beef also has similar properties. Combining both foods at the same time will increase the amount of uric acid in the body causing joint pain. It is even more dangerous for people who already have gout.
3. Pork
Many people love to eat the pork rolls. However, combining pork with beef at the same time is not good. Beef is mild and pork is welded, these are two conflicting foods and when used at the same time, the body cannot absorb all the nutrients.
4. Seafood
The nutrients in seafood and beef can react badly to the body. In beef contains phosphorus, while seafood is rich in magnesium and calcium, which react with each other to form a salt precipitate. And this precipitate will reduce the absorption of nutrients in the body.
5. Eels, chives
Eat beef with eels, chives, you will find it difficult to digest, full of stomach. Long-term use can poison the body.
6. Chestnut
Beef is high in protein, while chestnuts are rich in vitamin C. But this vitamin C will make the protein degenerate, no longer the original nutritional value.
7. Alcohol
Many people use beef as a snack when drinking alcohol. However, combining these two things in a long term you will experience constipation, stomatitis, tinnitus, red eyes …
8. Tea water
The amount of tannic acid in tea water when reacting with protein in beef will cause inflammation to the intestinal mucosa, accumulating toxins for peristalsis, causing constipation. Also should not drink tea when eating foods rich in minerals such as seafood, seaweed.

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