7 steps daily facial skin care to brighten skin, clear acne

7 steps daily facial skin care to brighten skin, clear acne

It is not natural that we possess a bright, smooth and beautiful skin. So how to get bright, healthy and radiant skin?

1. Why need daily skin care

Every day, our face is exposed to harmful agents such as UV rays, dust, temperature … Besides, facial skin is also affected by many internal factors such as stress, pigmentation. nutrient deficiencies, … These cause damage to the skin.
Because of the above reasons, the hygiene and facial care is extremely necessary. Daily hygiene and skin care will help keep skin healthy, shiny, smooth and radiant. Daily care also helps us to reverse the possibility of acne, while helping to slow down the aging process of the skin.
However, not everyone knows how to properly care and clean their face. If the steps of hygiene and facial care are not correct, the opposite effect will cause hidden acne and many other problems.

2. The daily facial skin care steps help bright, smooth, clear skin

Step 1: Remove the make-up

Women often think that this makeup remover is only for women who make up. However, that thought is completely wrong because every day our skin is exposed to dust outside the environment. These dirt will stick deep into your skin, at this point removing makeup will help you remove dirt on your face without drying your skin.
Take note when choosing to buy makeup remover, limit buying makeup removers containing alcohol and strong detergents. Oil-based makeup remover is the right choice for you.
Clean your face by taking an appropriate amount of makeup remover then massage gently. Don’t forget to use a little water to cleanse your skin after massaging with makeup remover oil to avoid the amount of makeup remover remaining on your face.

Step 2: Use cleanser

Some makeup removers are not capable of removing dirt on the skin of the face. Therefore, to ensure your face is completely cleaned, do not skip this step.
For some people with dry skin, do not choose a foam cleanser because a foaming cleanser will clean the oil glands, causing the skin to dry out and lose moisture balance. Instead, a non-foaming cream, lotion or gel cleanser is a good option for those with dry skin.

Step 3: Exfoliate your skin

Our bodies are always making new cells, so you need to cleanse and exfoliate your face. Exfoliation will help you remove the horny layer and dead cells that are still attached to the skin, helping to unclog pores, and even skin tone.
Exfoliating step is quite simple, you just need to take an exfoliating product and then massage gently with your hands. Then cleanse your face with water.
Note: You should only exfoliate 2-3 times / week to avoid damaging your face.

Step 4: Toner

After cleansing the skin, this step will help provide the necessary nutrients for the skin. Specifically, Toner will help increase elasticity, rebalance natural pH. From there, your skin becomes smooth and soft. Besides, Toner also helps to deeply clean the “stubborn” dirt that remains after washing the face.
Depending on your preference and skin type, each person can choose a different toner. However, you need to note that your skin type is before choosing to buy toners for yourself!

Step 5: Special treatment

For some of you with skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, darkening, … then after the toner step you need to use special treatment products to improve your skin.
Products containing active ingredients BHA, AHA or Retinol should be applied and left on skin for 20 to 30 minutes to allow active ingredients to work before continuing the serum or moisturizing step.

Step 6: Moisturize

For any girl who wants a healthy and radiant shiny skin, this step cannot be skipped. This moisturizing step helps to provide moisture to the skin, making your skin smooth and elastic.
Similar to toners, depending on your preferences as well as skin type to choose to buy moisturizer. Moisturizers containing Hyaluronic acid are one of the right options for you!

Step 7: Protect skin with sunscreen

Without sunscreen, your facial care steps are no longer helpful. Make sure your skin is safely protected when going out. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days because UV rays are able to slip through the clouds and come into contact with your skin. You can skip this step at night.

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