5 tips to keep your house clean all month with just 20 minutes of cleaning every day


This seemingly too difficult thing can be done easily if you take a little time to refer and apply the cleaning method in the article below.

1. Create a storage corner for each area
The first thing you need to do is to design the right storage corners for each area, while making sure everything is stored in the right place, in the right place, the house is larger, more compact and you are also easier to find. Get into a habit of storing things right after use and with proper storage. This approach also helps you less often to clean up the daily mess.

5 tips to keep your house clean all month with just 20 minutes of cleaning every day

2. Clean up right after cooking
While waiting for the food to be cooked, you can immediately clean up the utensils used for cooking instead of delicately cleaning after eating, both wasting time and feeling bored while eating while thinking about the pile. bowls, chopsticks, pots and pans are waiting for you at the sink.

3. Invest in cleaning equipment
If you only have a washing machine in your house, consider spending money on an additional dryer. Instead of having to spend time on many steps, home appliances will help you quite a lot. Just go straight to the tumble dryer and grab the items in a drawer or closet.

5 tips to keep your house clean all month with just 20 minutes of cleaning every day

4. Always turn on music when cleaning
After all your daily chores, you’ll take time to clean your house. Play music that you love, funny or soothing, all of which affect your emotions so you get engrossed and focused. The work will be resolved faster and your mood will be better after the cleaning.

5. Arrange work order
In order for you to move one thing over the other, move without direction and the plan will definitely get you busy and time consuming. Take a quick overview and determine what to do before you start cleaning. With just 20 minutes a day, enough to make your home cleaner and more beautiful.

Recommended 30-day workload to keep the house clean:
1. Clean living room and kitchen
2. Cleaning the bathroom (bathtub, floor, wall, mirror)
3. Clean up your bedroom
4. Clean up other areas such as your child’s basement, office, and playroom.
5. Clean the living room and kitchen
6. Bathroom
7. Clean interior windows
8. Clean the stairs
9. Clean the bedroom
10. Clean the living room
11. Clean the bathroom
12. Wipe the floor of all rooms
13. “Deep” cleaning for the bedroom
14. Clean living room and kitchen
15. Clean bathrooms deeply like trash cans, mirror edges, wipe the floor, wipe drawers
16. Clean living room and kitchen
17. Clean the bathroom
18. Clean the bedroom
19. Clean other rooms in the house
20. Wash household fabrics such as bed sheets, sofa mattresses, pillow cases, towels …
21. Clean the bathroom
22. Clean bedroom
23. Clean living room and kitchen
24. Deep cleaning of the kitchen
25. Clean the bathroom surface
26. Clean the bedroom surface
27. Kitchen cleaning
28. Cleaning the floors
29. Clean entrance, garage
30. Clean the refrigerator, tidy up the furniture.

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