5 items that easily explode in homes

5 items that easily explode in homes

Sometimes household items become explosive “bombs” if there is an “trigger” element. Here are 5 explosive items that are present in most homes, but not everyone knows.

1. Cup keeping heat

5 items that easily explode in homes

5 items that easily explode in homes

If you leave hot drinks, juices … in the cup keeping the heat for a long time, it can create gas, increase the pressure inside, and when opening it will cause “overflow”.
Some types of water should not be stored in thermostats such as fruit juices, tea, milk … because it will lose all nutrients or damage your health.

Tea contains tannic acid, theophylline, and natural essential oils, so if stored in high temperatures, it can ferment tea, destroying tea’s nutrients.

2. Flours and starches

Not everyone knows that flours and starches can explode. In fact, both flour and starch are flammable. When these powders are suspended in the air, they mix with the air to form a mixture. If this mixture appeared in a confined space and had a source of fire, such as someone lit a cigarette, it would explode.

3. Desiccant package

Desiccant packages often appear in cake packages made from raw materials mainly calcium oxide and silica gel.

Calcium oxide is often referred to as burnt lime, and if it meets water it will generate heat. So, if you put the desiccant package into the thermos flask with water, fire and explosion is inevitable.

4. Hot and cold bottles

The heater is capable of exploding in case the machine has been used for a long time, causing components to “age”, the machine’s configuration is too low or the machine gets too hot during use, causing the pressure inside the tank to rise. .

5. Glass bathroom

If the bathroom partition is made of glass of poor quality, the glass fixing screws are screwed too tightly or do not bump into the glass carefully, it may break or fall.

In addition, in the cold season, if the temperature difference between inside and outside the glass is too great, there is a possibility of a glass explosion.

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