3 simple but extremely effective ways to chase the mouse for your family


Rats cause a lot of trouble for your family, but you cannot chase them.
1. Traditional mouse traps
Traditional mouse traps, you can encounter 2 ways as follows:
Use iron cage mousetraps
Buy an iron cage to trap rats at the market, you just need to put the bait inside the cage. Place this cage anywhere in the house that you think the rats will find.
Once the rat is inside, gnaw on the prey. The trap will now slam the door, preventing the rat from escaping.
The cost of the iron cage mousetrap is more expensive than the stamping trap.
Place bait such as peanut butter (so-co-la) on a cotton ball, or any other fragrant food.
Check the trap every day, if it doesn’t work, try a different location.
Use a mouse trap
This method is also commonly used compared to iron cage traps. You will still need to set up the bait in the same way as above, and place the traps in areas where you suspect rats are disturbing.
Mice sniff, they will come. The weight of the mouse is on the trap, the iron spring of the trap will be crushed, making the mouse not “yawn”.
Food that is bait for mice can be soda, bread, hard caramel, meat and peanut butter.

2. Mouse adhesive
The mouse adhesive is softer, the paper surface is coated with adhesive to keep the mouse neatly in it.
You also need to sprinkle some prim on the surface of the glue, so that the scent lures the mouse over.
Place this stick wherever you see signs of mouse (rat droppings in the back of the cabinet).
refrigeration, trash can, warehouse, …).
Kill mouse tape

3. Homemade mouse traps
If you do not buy the mouse traps outside, you can make your own mousetrap according to your taste and creativity.

>> Suggest the following 2 methods:
Use plastic bottles
Use plastic water bottles, only suitable for mice that you know they are small with:
Use a knife to chisel the sides of the bottle.
Hard zinc thread, or iron rod, for you to frame the lever (like in the picture).
At the bottom of the bottle, you should use a cotton ball, spread with a piece of peanut butter (chocolate), fixed with a thin layer of glue.
Place traps in areas where you suspect rats. When the mouse smells it, it will get inside the top of the plastic bottle, running towards the bait located at the bottom of the bottle. At this time, the force of the trap will take place, it will be fit inside the bottle.
Note: You need to design the plastic bottle lever frame so that it has good rebound, to make sure the mouse does not run out after it has been caught.

Use a bucket of water and a plastic bottle
This trap is also easy to do with the following:
Take the bucket (trash can) with a handle.
Fill the bucket with water about 1/4 bucket.
Take the plastic bottle, poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle. Tie a string (or a piece of zinc or iron) through the top of the bottle to the hole at the bottom of the bottle. At the same time, tie the ends of this string to either side of the bucket handle.
Spread a little peanut butter on the bottle as bait.
Use the wood pressed against the bucket, to “guide” the way for the mouse to run up, to reach the water bottle. When the mouse climbs over the butter-soaked water bottle, it will slide down into the bucket as the bottle moves around.
Spread peanut butter as bait on the top of the bottle, spread out to attract the rats.
This method traps many rats at the same time.
Homemade rat traps using water buckets and plastic bottles

4. Tips to keep the mouse away from your home
Using the mousetrap method is to catch rats when they disturb the house, but it’s best to use the following tips to keep mice away from your home before you have to:
Seal the door
Rats can run indoors through openings in doors and floors. They seem to be very professional flow though the gap is very small, so do not be subjective.
Purchase a door seal that attaches under the door to close the gap. At the same time, look around the house for any gaps that they easily pass through, you proceed to seal.
Tips to keep the mouse away from your home, seal the door
Close the lid of the trash can
Trash is the most attractive place for rats because it contains a lot of scent of leftovers. Therefore, please keep the lid of the trash tightly closed as well as seal the trash bag carefully.
Tips to keep the mouse away from your home with the lid of the trash can
Regularly clean, store leftovers in the refrigerator, cover tightly
Regularly clean the house inside and out, to get rid of trash, avoid gathering places of rats. Especially removing food debris as well as attractive aroma left on cans, cans, food packaging.
Also, any food you leave overnight, or have not eaten, should be covered or stored in the refrigerator.
Regularly clean, store leftovers in the refrigerator, cover tightly

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