What tools are necessary to prepare when drawing Anime, Manga?

What tools are necessary to prepare when drawing Anime, Manga?

Do you know what tools professional Japanese artists use to draw lifetime works? What should the beginners who are passionate about animation art prepare to cultivate their own passion? Let’s find out the answers with the article: “What tools are necessary to prepare when drawing Anime, Manga?”.

What tools are necessary to prepare when drawing Anime, Manga?

What tools are necessary to prepare when drawing Anime, Manga?

1. Traditional drawing tools
For drawing, traditional Anime, Manga characters, artists need tools such as pen and paper, eraser / eraser, compass and ruler.

Traditional Anime and Manga drawing tools

Pencil drawing
The brush is an indispensable tool for any artist in the creative process. There are many different types of brushes to serve the diverse purposes of comic authors. These may include:

Pencil drawing Anime, Manga
Drawing paper

Pencil is used by Japanese manga and animators to build ideas, sketch out frames, drop shadows, and create blocks for objects. Professional artists use two types of pencils: HB and 2B type pencils to sketch, 3B to 7B pencils are used in shading, on the block (depending on the density of the pen, there is a way use different).

Brush Pen (brush pen)
Pencil drawing Anime, Manga

What tools are necessary to prepare when drawing Anime, Manga?

What tools are necessary to prepare when drawing Anime, Manga?

Brush pen, also known as brush pen is a specialized tool in the industry of Manga, Anime. The artist uses this pen to stroke the outlined lines. The brush comes in a variety of nibs, which can be used according to the creative purpose of the drawing creator.

Iron pen (ink pen)
Iron Pen – Ink pen drawing Anime, Manga

Iron pen (or ink pen) is used by the artist to create bold lines for strokes. Some pens with small nibs are also used to draw extremely thin, thin lines such as hair, thread, …

Other pens
In addition, the professional painter also uses G nib pen, white ink pen to use in the working process. You can approach and use these pens according to your creative intentions.

The paper used in drawing and shaping Anime and Manga is different from the normal commercial paper. The professional artist uses two basic types of paper: a standard paper of the equivalent size of A4 size and a specialized art paper in the B4 size industry with the size of 250 x 353 mm.

Professional Anime and Manga artists use 3 basic colors during their work: crayons, watercolors and markers.

Crayons are responsible for creating shadows, creating blocks, simple coloring, easy to erase when needed. The highlight color (using Marker) is mainly used to blend, stroke, and contour. Watercolor helps the artist to mix colors and create unlimited.

Other tools
In his toolkit, the artist can use many other tools to aid in the working process, such as eraser / eraser, drawing board, compass and rulers.

Tool for drawing comics

If eraser / eraser helps the artist remove excess lines, the drawing board creates a comfortable posture when creating, the compass and rulers (such as rulers, curves) are used to create straight, round, and curved lines. for the object in the picture. In order not to confine the creative process, the artist often does not abuse the use of stereotypical tools.

Use of traditional painting tools can be quite familiar to professional painters. But for the beginners, this can be a conundrum. That is not to mention that the purchase of the aforementioned tools can be a huge cost. Luckily, you can use digital-based tools (such as electronic drawing boards or fountain pens) to get acquainted and nurture your passion.

2. Computer drawing tools
Electronic drawing board
Electronic drawing board (also known as touch drawing board) is a digital device that supports drawing, shaping, editing drawings directly on the computer without having to use mouse or anything. any other peripheral.

Electronic drawing board

The electronic drawing board is a tool used to replace the traditional drawing board. When using the touchpad, one does not need to spend much time converting paper drawings to digital files to make modifications and alignment. Therefore, the electronic drawing board is not only useful for beginners but also a great assistant for professional painters.

Used with the electronic drawing board is a fountain pen. The fountain pen has many different types of nibs

Drawing paper

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