13 foods that should not be cooked in a slow cooker

The slow cooker (stew pot) helps to cook food with convenient cooking – it does not take much effort while maintaining optimal nutrient content. In this quick article, 13 foods that should not be processed in slow cooker (stew pot)!

1. Fish meat
Avoid using the slow cooker for fish cooking, this is not recommended cooking!
Chef Clare Langan in the New York Times magazine shared: “Using a slow cooker is a good idea for braised dishes or dishes containing a little liquid when cooked in a pot. Fish and poultry ( “white meat) can lose a significant amount of protein when cooked in a slow cooker. Instead, for these foods, it’s best to cook with a pan or oven.”

2. Chicken breast
As with fish meat, don’t cook chicken breast in a slow cooker. Since the chicken breast is only meat and contains very little fat, when cooked in the stew pot, the chicken breast meat will quickly dry out and bring a feeling of loss of appetite.
Instead, you can use a slow cooker to simmer the chicken bones, which is great!

3. Green vegetables
Never think that using a slow cooker can stew green vegetables! This will take away nutrients in green vegetables, especially the significant vitamin content. Normally, when processing green vegetables in a saucepan or saucepan at low temperature, their fresh color may change due to the long processing time.
Therefore, if you use a slow cooker to stew green vegetables with meat, it is easy to lose their nutrients and color. Instead, add the greens for a few minutes before the dish is finished.
For example, if you cook a stewed beef dish with peas, green beans or asparagus, add these nuts and seeds for the last 10 minutes before the dish is cooked, to preserve the fresh color and content. nutrients.

4. Cheese
Cheese, like dairy products, should not be cooked in a slow cooker. Because cooking cheese at too long a temperature in the steamer will break the whey molecules and make cheese more prone to clumping. Even as a result of cooking cheese dishes, they can turn greasy and tasteless.
Instead, stir the cheese and place the grated cheese in a slow cooker 10 minutes before the dish is complete.

5. Vanilla extract
Many people use slow cookers to process some desserts such as waffle, sweet bread, … However, when using the slow cooker to make cakes, you need to pay attention to the amount of spices added. cake dough, vanilla in particular.
Because too much vanilla is used when cooking in the casserole pot will cause its flavor to change, affecting the flavor of the dish.

6. Variety of pasta (pasta)
When boiling pasta or pasta for pasta, you will need to boil them in a pot of boiling water mixed with salt. This way will help you control the ripeness of the noodles.
However, if you use the slow cooker, it is hard to tell if the pasta is cooked or not? Even if cooked for too long, the noodles will become a colloidal pile due to starch dough.

7. Fresh herbs
Like green vegetables, fresh herbs shouldn’t be cooked in slow cookers either. Because the color of the herbs will be lost, even reducing the amount of essences and other nutrients inherent in the herb.
You should only stir-fry or sprinkle these herbs on the dish, not for long periods of time in a stew pot.

8. Steak
A slow cooker is an instrument to soften the beef while retaining its flavor and quality. However, for steaks, do not use the slow cooker.
Instead, use a pan to make the steak to the degree of ripeness you desire, like 50% cooked, or 30% cooked with a taste of wine!

9. Long rice
If you want to cook rice, you should use the rice cooker is the most appropriate, not using a slow cooker (stew pot) instead. This also means that you should also not use the stew pot to cook the long rice, even though you know that cooking long rice will take longer than normal rice.

10. Alcohol
With some recipes, alcohol is required for flavor enhancement. You should only use alcohol when preparing food on a pan or pot that is cooked on the stove, not using a slow cooker.
Because alcohol is very volatile, if cooked in a stew pot with a lid too tight (to maintain the temperature), your dish will have a strong smell of wine, especially wine will create a bitter taste for the dish.

11. Frozen food
Frozen food should be thawed and left behind with too much water, before boiling in slow cooker to cook.
Because if you put frozen food directly in the stew pot, the water from the frozen food will melt, affecting the quality of the dish as well as reducing the inherent nutrients in the food when it is changed. temperature change too suddenly.

12. Bacon
Bacon usually cooks very quickly. Therefore, you should not use a slow cooker to cook bacon, as it makes it crispy and dry.

13. Nuts
Some types of beans need to be simmered for a long time to provide nutritional value to the person eating. However, you should consider that some beans need to be processed or processed to reduce toxins (found in beans) before you stew them in a slow cooker.
For example, kidney beans contain toxins, you need to cook them in a pot with the lid open so that the toxic fumes are evaporated with the steam. Or you need to soak the beans for 12 hours, then boil them in a pot of water for about 10 minutes before simmering in the slow cooker.

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